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The Kaito KA35 three band amplified active antenna will improve the reception on most radios on frequencies between 100 kHz though 30 mHz when compared to the radios internal shortwave whip antenna or it's internal medium wave antenna.

The system comes with two unique antennas that plug into the base amplifier. For Long Wave, Medium Wave and Shortwave through 3 mHz the ferrite rod antenna is used. For shortwave coverage between 3 to 30 mHz the telescopic antenna is used.

The base amplifier + antenna should be placed on a window sill for best performance. The 18 foot connection cable is connected to the base with a BNC plug/jack. The other end of the cable has the power connection and the receiver connection. For Shortwave coverage the 1/8" plug is connected to the radio's 1/8" inch external antenna jack. For long wave and medium wave usage the 1/8" plug is connected to an included mini coupler and the coupler needs to be placed close to the radios internal AM antenna. Usually this is in the top center of the radio but placing the unit around this area will peak the signal when it is placed in the best spot.

Because the amplifier does not use a preselector there is no fine tuning to worry about.

The amplifier base is powered by internal rechargeable batteries. They can be recharged by any of three methods:
1.) With the included USB cable 2.) With the included AC charger 3.) With the built in Solar Panel.

Most radio listeners know that the antenna is much more important for best reception than the radio. For shortwave reception an outside long wire or dipole is always best if the space is available, but the antenna would overload almost all portable radios causing imaging of unwanted stations all over the dial. This indoor amplified active antenna is the best for portable shortwave radios. AOR has made excellent similar systems that are now discontinued and used to sell for between $300 to $400 with plug in antennas with the same frequency coverage as the Kaito KA35. We have tested this Kaito KA35 with various radios such as the Kaito KA1103 and the Grundig G5 and found the performance was outstanding with the improvements getting better the farther we moved away from the window where the antenna was positioned.

For Medium Wave use, an $50 unamplified 12" loop antenna will produce good results or an amplified tunable antenna for between $100-$300 will produce even better results but they are not portable and not good for travel. The compact KA35 amplified portable antenna will also produce very good results by amplifying the signal received by the ferrite rod plug in antenna.

By placing the antenna base on a window sill many of the dwellings man made noises from many sources are lessened or removed. The antenna is not recommended for bunkers, metal structures without windows, office buildings with window access or basements.

1 Year Warranty


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